Monday, October 29, 2012

How To Get Rid Of Acne Naturally - Three Powerful Tips To Cure Acne Quickly And Naturally

Acne is a condition that not only causes physical pain but is also known to be a cause of emotional problems like lack of confidence, hyper anxiety, and uneasiness in social gathering.

Till now the actual cause of acne is unknown but various studies prove that bad eating habits, poor skin care, and poor lifestyle are the root cause of lifelong acne.

Previously it was believed that acne is a condition that is caused in teenage due to hormonal changes but nowhere days it is not very uncommon to see people suffering from chronic acne in late 30' 40's and sometimes even 50's.

So if you have crossed your teenage and still suffer from acne then this is a signal that something is not right and you must take corrective action:

Here are 3 powerful tips to get rid of acne naturally and quickly:

1. Eat Fiber rich food- Due to current lifestyle and work culture everybody is in a hurry and consumption of fast food like noodles, burgers, pizza etc has increase tremendously, but as much as they taste good the effect they have on our digestive system is frightening.

When these foods are consumed on a regular basis our body can't get rid of the waste fully and it gets stuck in our system causing it to not work properly which results in acne and all other issues. This is where eating fiber rich food comes into focus since our body can't digest the fiber presents in fruits and vegetable it has to get rid of it so will get rid as waster and with that the stuck food also comes out. This helps restore our body's digestive mechanism and helps in getting a healthier skin and body.

2. Exercise regularly- Believe it or not, exercise does play an important role in having a healthy skin and a healthy body. Acne is not caused by single condition it is the cumulative results of body's way to get rid of toxins and as skin is the largest organ, it is often used by toxin removal mechanism to get rid of toxins in the form acne. So before the body opts for this we must allow it to get rid of toxins using exercises like natural walks, meditation and regular stretching.

3. Tea Tree oil face wash- Tea tree oil has natural qualities that help shrinking acne and prevents them for reoccurring, you can easily find a face wash with tea tree oil in your near shopping mart or online.


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