Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Use of Contraceptive Pills in Teen Girls

An incident involving unprotected sexual activity has the potential to forever change the lives of individuals. The statistics approximate that more and more teenagers frequently engage in casual sex. Although of late there has been awareness amongst teen girls to use effective contraceptive measures in order to avoid the risk of pregnancy. Young adults should understand that every act of unsafe sex can not only lead to pregnancy but can also lead to sexually transmitted infections (STIs). For a free and confidential online consultation, you can visit a licensed online clinic. There are many misconceptions regarding pregnancy amongst teen girls. It is important to note that you can still become pregnant when:

You indulge in sex during periods
You do not reach an orgasm
You are engaged in sex for the first time
You experience irregular periods
You forget to take the contraceptive pill just for one day
Condom use is a popular way to prevent pregnancy and STIs, but any incident involving a condom to tear or slip can defeat the purpose of preventing accidental pregnancy. Young women can, in additional to condoms, take prescription birth control pills, which are nearly 100% effective in preventing a woman to fall pregnant. You can obtain a contraceptive pill from a medical professional or nearby family planning clinic, but make sure that you are above 18 years of age and a doctor has prescribed the treatment to you. Yasmin contraceptive pill is considered to be extremely popular in most parts of the world, owing to the general belief that is has the unique ability of keeping your weight in control. This is considered a benefit for many women, as generally some other contraceptive pills are known to cause unexpected weight gain.

It contains a synthetic oestrogen called ethinylestradiol and a synthetic progestogen called drospirenone. The synthetic oestrogen stops the ovaries from releasing an egg by tricking the body into thinking you have already ovulated. The synthetic progestogen causes the thickening of the cervical mucus and altering of the uterine lining. Ideally, you should start taking Yasmin on the first day of your period for getting an immediate protection against pregnancy. However, you can also start taking it until the fifth day of your period after using an additional barrier contraceptive for the next seven days.

Mini-pills, also known as progestogen-only pills, are a perfect substitute for women who cannot use pills which contain oestrogen. Such women are usually over 35 years of age, heavy smokers or are breastfeeding. This is because oestrogen can cause a few unpleasant side effects such as headaches and nausea. Cerazette mini-pill is the only pill which can be taken up to 12 hours late, making it extremely flexible. However, this pill is not considered safe for women who suffer from the following medical conditions: abnormal vaginal bleeding, breast cancer, liver diseases, migraines or a hereditary blood disorder. Certain medications can interfere in the working of Cerazette birth control such as bosentan aprepitant and nevirapine. Therefore before you are able to order Cerazette pill via an online registered health clinic, you should speak to a qualified doctor.


  1. According to a policy statement released online by the American Academy of Pediatrics, members of the group are also being urged to advocate for lifting all age restrictions for such products, The Washington Times reported, adding that under current statutes, teen girls 16 years old and younger must have a prescription for the so-called "morning-after pill."

    "Despite significant declines over the past two decades, the United States continues to have teen birth rates that are significantly higher than other industrialized nations," an abstract of the policy says. "Use of emergency contraception can reduce the risk of pregnancy if used up to 120 hours after unprotected intercourse or contraceptive failure and is most effective if used in the first 24 hours."

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